A fascinating Mechanical Keyboard Setup inspired by the NASA moon landing

A fascinating Mechanical Keyboard Setup inspired by the NASA moon landing

The space race was an age of intellect, ambition and sheer courage. Maybe that’s why NASA and everything around it has always fascinated nerds and, more precisely, computer scientists just like me.
As was to be expected, this mechanical keyboard setup realized by the Reddit user sleepyboylol immediately caught my attention. Indeed, with this configuration it seems you can immerse yourself in the instrumentation of the Apollo 11 and reach the eerie beauty of the moon.

Based on the TOFU acrylic frosted case, the keyboard with 60% layout exploiting Hako Violet Mechanical Switches. This solution offers a lower resistance that combines with elements from MX Clear and Topre force curves to create an amazing multipurpose switch, one that performs equally well for typists and gamers.
With a bit of audacity, you too can try to build it by yourself assembling the following components:

Case: Tofu Frosted Acryllic
Switches: Kailh Hako Violet
Lube: k205g0
Printed Circuit Board (PCB): DZ60 REV 3.0 60%
Caps: NP PBT from KBDFans
Cable: Cookie Cable Custom Design

There is another accessory, as comfortable as it is wonderful to look at.
Mankind’s greatest leap, in a awesome handmade wrist rest based on solid transparent resin that reproduces the lunar landscape texture.
Furthermore, the 3D tiny astronaut figure is the icing on the cake.
You can find it on Etsy, handcrafted by MoonkeyTech.

Closes the curtain the Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse in white matte color. It’s an ergonomic ultralight weight gaming mouse built for speed and control.
I would also have seen the Razer DeathAdder Essential gaming mouse in Mercury White color very well. The illuminated Razer logo would blend well with the white light shining from the base of the keyboard.