Apple Watch Smatree Charging Case: Energy and Protection for your Smartwatch

Imagine you are on the road and have your Apple Watch with low battery.
Take the powerbank, connect the long cable, connect the smartwatch to the magnetic plug and then put all this in the bag hoping that the cable does not come off and your precious watch does not get scratched.
I’m jockeing, forget about this nightmare. Now there is Smatree Charging Case, a case specially designed for Apple Watch that not only well protects your device but also allows it to be recharged.

Its internal 3000 mAh Battery at the maximum of its energy allows you to recharge your watch up to 6 times in a row. On the external body, 4 LEDs indicate the residual energy level.
Made of premium PU+ ABS and pc material, protect your Apple Watch from shocking and scratching, provides excellent protection from dirt, shocks and other daily damages.

Built with attention to detail, it is also nice to place on the desk and use it as a dock by connecting it to the electrical outlet through its USB Type-C port.

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