Cyberpunk Mini Alley is a bookshelf insert with many tech addons

The Cyberpunk MiniAlley is a beautiful handmade piece sits neatly on any bookshelf and provides the perfect escape into a world unlike any other. There are three different swappable design options: the Vending Machine, the Retro Arcade, and the Capsule.

It shows over 300 unique and intricate details. Their design team spent two years studying hundreds of Cyberpunk reference images to develop this hyper-realistic world. This is the perfect feature piece to draw attention to your bookshelf and start those exciting Cyberpunk conversations.

Thanks to sophisticated prospective illusions the alley appears a lot deeper than it actually is. This creates the feeling of a complex and busy world in a small space. What’s more, it will look and feel like your Cyberpunk world extends far beyond the walls of your home!

You can also customize it: the vending machine, retro arcade, and capsule are interchangeable.
There are three designs for high-tech hologram street signs: the ramen, the adult club, and the jazz club.
Moreover, you can even get one with personalized text.

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