Develop your smartphone’s photos with Polaroid Lab Instant Printer

Develop your smartphone's photos with Polaroid Lab Instant Printer

Rediscover the charm of iconic Polaroid films and touch your most precious memories with your own hands with Polaroid Lab Instant Printer.
This original solution turns the digital moments in your phone into real-life Polaroid photographs you can collect, show in a frame or share with your family or best friends.

Through a 3-lens system, this particular printer project the screen image from your smartphone onto Polaroid film to print unique photos on i-Type & 600 film.
Practically it acts like a desktop darkroom to turn your digital photographs into Polaroid pictures using 100% real film chemistry.

With the Polaroid Originals app you will be able to turn one image into a collage of two, four, six, or nine frames in any composition you like.
Furthermore, there is an interesting augmented reality feature as well. After you develop a photo, you can embed a short movie inside it ready to be viewed by you or your friends when you frame the film form the Polaroid smartphone app.

Polaroid Originals Lab - Digital to Analog Polaroid Photo Printer (9019)
  • The Polaroid lab converts digital photos on your phone to real Polaroid prints through the Polaroid Originals app.
  • Original Polaroid picture Format for all of your photos.
  • The 3 element lens system converts digital photos to analog like magic.
  • Add Augmented Reality features to your photos with the Polaroid Originals app
  • Create your own collage of Polaroid prints using the Polaroid Originals app.