DJI Pocket 2: a Pocket 4K HDR Camera with great Video Stabilization and Matrix Stereo Mic

There’s a new DJI Pocket 2 model, the pocket-sized and extremely portable 4K camera built by DJI with a 3-axis motorized gimbal integrated.
The DJI Pocket 2 features significant upgrades from the original DJI Osmo Pocket, enabling you to start shooting in seconds, take better selfies, and shoot any time of the day.

The Pocket 2 model earns a 64 megabits CMOS with the Fast Wake feature that lets you start shooting in seconds, a larger 1/1.7-inch sensor so you can shoot in all types of lighting conditions, a wider FOV lens for better selfies, an entirely new DJI Matrix Stereo system for surround-sound audio.
Moreover, in addition to 4K Ultra HD video at 60fps, this version offers 8x Slow Motion that delivers crystal-clear footage and HDR video recording.

The DJI Matrix Stereo technology takes audio recording to the next level. Based on four microphones, this solution offers more immersive audio that transforms your footage. Audio recording provides surround sound, and SoundTrack adjusts the audio according to the direction of the camera.

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