Eat your snacks while keeping your keyboard, gamepad and other devices clean

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Snagger revolutionize your snacking experience by making it more hygienic and elegant.
With this clever tool you can finally eat your favorite peanuts without greasing your fingers, continuing to work, jot down code or play online without filling your keyboard keys, mouse or game controller with dirt.

It is a useful solution not only for those sitting at the PC but also for those behind the wheel of the car, those who ride a bicycle or are simply traveling and do not want to give up nibbling something. All without touching the food with your hands, which is quite important these days. Just bring Snagger to your mouth, simply press a button and you will be served a bite without making a mess.

Its functional design made in Germany, can serve about 100 grams of peanuts, Smartines, M&M or many other snacks of the same size. Snagger is available in various colors: totally in gray or black with details in red, blue, silver and gold, and in limited editions in orange or lime.

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