Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 is perfect solution for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 streaming

In the video game streaming sector or for the capture of semi-professional video in-game, Elgato remains the market leader and the 4K60 PRO MK.2, on paper, is the most complete and interesting product a streamer can buy. Although it has already been on the market for some time, it remains the only valid solution to acquire live video games (Gaming Console HDMI 4K Video Capture), especially now that the recent game consoles such as the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5 have greatly raised the quality standards in terms of resolution and frames per second.

The card requires the use of a PC dedicated to recording and streaming and connects to the motherboard via a PCI-E x4 connection (the PCIe x8 and x16 video card connections are fine too).
At this point the 4K60 PRO MK.2 will be seen as a video source by all the programs installed on the PC, thus revealing itself to be compatible with all streaming and video editing software. The PC or console we play with transmits the images to the Elgato 4k PRO via an HDMI cable, which in turn re-transmits to the screen without any drop in quality or framerate.

Thanks to its excellent content recording quality, it is an indispensable tool for many professional creators. In fact, it is the only one that allows recordings with a high number of Hz that varies depending on the resolution: from the more than enough 60Hz with 4K 2160P resolution up to 240Hz in Full HD 1080P resolution. These features mean that the card is able to reproduce the same fluidity found in the game even during recording and streaming.

The card also supports HDR 10 images even if the streaming is limited to the SDR standard, so as to exploit the full potential of the Xbox Series X|S automatic HDR.

Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2, Internal Capture Card, Stream and Record 4K60 HDR10 with ultra-low latency on PS5, PS4 Pro, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One X, in OBS, Twitch, YouTube, for PC
  • Input: HDMI (unencrypted)
  • Output: HDMI (lag-free pass-through). Supported resolutions: Up to 2160p60
  • HDR 10-bit: Pass-through and recording. Encoding: HEVC/H.265 HDR, AVC/H.264
  • Perfect for: PS5, PS4 Pro, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One X, Twitch, YouTube
Luigi Cigliano

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