Even if you don’t know yet, a pocket thermal printer is what you need

Even if you don't know yet, a pocket thermal printer is what you need

The PeriPage is a well-built and curious-looking pocket thermal printer. I already knew about this gadget but now I find that an upgrade has been made that brings its resolution to 300 DPI (304 to be precise). Not bad for a printer of this type.

This tiny tool it can meet various needs. It can print photos, labels, messages, lists, records, QR Code and so on. The printer is very easy to use, just turn it on and download the app with a variety of fonts and themes to make your photos stylish, then the rest is very intuitive .
It supports Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 to connect it to your smartphone but you can also use the USB cable to print from a PC.

The built-in 1000 mAh rechargeable battery allows a large number of prints and can be recharged via the Micro-USB port on the side.
Works in very low noise and does not need ink cartridge when using, thanks to the special paper roll that reacts to heat.
It is possible to find on the market different types of compatible rolls, some colored, others with pre-printed templates, some even stickers.

At first I thought it was a superfluous instrument but I was wrong. It is cute, well built and above all it has proved to be really useful on several occasions. Belive me, you won’t be able to do without it anymore.