Everything you need to know about the Lamy Safari fountain pens

Everything you need to know about the Lamy Safari fountain pens

Discover the Lamy Safari fountain pen, a prestigious, economical but high quality pen. Let’s see which model to choose, where to buy it, what are the differences with the Lamy Al-Star and the Lamy Vista.
The history and review of one of the greatest fountain pens of all time.

Although I surround myself with technological gadgets of all kinds and modern accessories, a Lamy Safari always finds space in my daily equipment. It may seem strange, but it is a choice guided by my particular attention to detail. Below you will understand why.

Introduced on the market in the second half of the twentieth century, the Lamy Safari is a fountain pen model born from the creativity of Wolfgang Fabian, brilliant industrial design. The Lamy Safari, in many ways, synthesizes truly revolutionary formal and technical solutions in its design. Not for nothing, its stylistic aspect has opened a sort of new page that does not seem to end. In fact, both for its finishes and for its materials, the Lamy Safari is a fountain pen model that allows beginners to approach the fantastic world of fountain pens and, at the same time, represents a perfect solution for those who want to have with them, even on the go, a great quality fountain pen at a considerably lower price than other models. For these reasons, its design represents one of the greatest artistic expressions that a fountain pen can offer.

An Oscar-winning design

One cannot fail to observe how Wolfgang Fabian when he conceived the Lamy Safari, created something specially designed to satisfy a wide audience. Another aspect to consider, and which has certainly contributed to making it one of the best-selling fountain pens in the world, is its incredible and exceptional relationship between its interesting price and its undoubted quality. For its characteristics and its design, the Lamy Safari has also been awarded an important recognition the iF Product Design Award, a seal in the history of this pen, a real Design Oscar. Much loved, the Lamy Safari saw its production spring up in 1980 and is, still today, one of the leading models of the well-known German company. It is, in the practice of things, an economic model that perfectly manages to satisfy the needs of a rather large audience.

Ergonomics and practicality

The pen is entirely made of ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), a particular thermoplastic polymer used to create light but at the same time rigid and solid objects. The predominantly circular body has two flat sides to prevent accidental rolling on the desk. This also contains two lateral grooves to allow you to always keep the ink level under control. The ergonomic handle that characterizes this model consists of two flat sides on which to rest the thumb and index finger, while below, where it is more rounded, the middle finger should be placed as a support when writing. The cap, with snap closure, has the characteristic large and practical clip, with a shape very similar to that of a large office paper clip. The ink can be used both through a cartridge and through a proprietary converter. The latter has a capacity such as to guarantee a slightly higher autonomy than that of a normal cartridge. It is currently the only fountain pen on sale under 50 dollars to have 7 nibs: A, M, LH (for left-handed), EF, F, B and 1.1, 1.5 stubs, 1.9 mm. Regardless of the type of nib chosen, when you write you are pleasantly surprised by its behavior on paper. The pen boasts smoothness, definition and abundant flow from the very first stroke, with no hateful false start.

Differences between Lamy Safari, Al-Star, Lx and Vista

His sister, the Lamy Al-Star, also dominates the fountain pen stage. This slightly more expensive model is virtually identical to the Lamy Safari. The Lamy Al-Star is, therefore, a sort of twin that stands out for the fact that instead of being made of ABS plastic it is made of aluminum. Moreover, this has the section (the final block of the pen tip) made of transparent plastic, so as to allow you to see the feeder and the ink flow. The Lamy Safari and the Al Star, therefore, although they have the same shapes and may appear as similar models, are made of different materials. Since the Lamy Al-Star is made of metal, the weight will also be different. In fact, while the Safari weighs 17 grams, the Al Star weighs 22 grams. Therefore, these are the only differences between the two fountain pens. Their shape is truncated and both models use Lamy nibs.
The LX model is the same as the Al-Star model but enriched with some details that make it unique and precious, currently available in 4 variants proposed: Gold, Pink Gold, Palladium, Ruthenium, Marron Bronze.
Lamy Lx is made of anodized aluminum and each clip is plated with precious metals to match each pen.
We also find the Lamy Vista, a Safari in all respects but made of a very resistant and above all completely transparent glossy plastic material, in such a way as to see all the internal components in the pen in operation, including ink.

Where is it worth buying the Lamy Safari

On average a Lamy Safari is sold around $20 including VAT. Identical price also for the Lamy Vista. Slightly more expensive is the Lamy Al-Star, usually sold for around $25. There are several live stores where you can find them at these prices, maybe a few dollars less. However, for such cheap items it is important to take into account the shipping costs, which on balance can represent a significant increase in the total cost. For this reason I recommend always buying them from Amazon, where in addition to finding every model and original accessory, thanks to Amazon Prime you can get free shipping costs with considerable savings. All this without taking into account the quiet policies adopted by the store regarding the return of purchased products and their refund which protect the consumer. On Amazon you can find the Lamy Safari, the Lamy Al-Star and the Lamy Vista. Coupled with the pen, you will certainly find the purchase of refill cartridges useful or, if you prefer, the practical converter with the original Lamy ink bottles.

The Special Editions

There are various colors of Lamy Safari and Lamy Al-Star and also a large number of ink shades. However, Lamy frequently releases special limited editions of these models. For example, the Lamy Safari Special Edition Dark Lilac has just been put on the market, a special model of the classic Safari made specifically to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary, characterized by the particular dark lilac color of the body and the black clip. In addition to the pen, the ink in dark lilac was also made in combination, also in a limited edition. Last year, however, the special version of the Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange, made in the very particular copper orange color, was much appreciated. Being now very difficult to find on the market, it has become a real collector’s item. Due to its rarity, the stores that still have some last pieces of it are selling it at a very expensive price. Among my favorite, in the year 2017 was been released the special edition Al-Star Pacific Blue, a version characterized by a particular blue / turquoise color. Also in this case, in addition to the pen, an ink of the same name was created.

In the 2021 LAMY release 2 Safari and 2 Al-Star Limited Edition as well: Savannah Green and Terra Red variants for the first model, Cosmic and Azure variants for the second one.


The ergonomic handle, the weights distributed in an ideal way, the attention to detail and an innovative aesthetic, a clean and current design with always trendy colors, are partial reasons that have allowed these fountain pens to be increasingly appreciated. With their low cost, they are excellent pens that can be used both in the office and at school, always allowing anyone to be able to face every writing session in a relaxed, safe and elegant way. In conclusion, as can be seen from the history of Lamy, which began in 1930, it has made it possible to produce excellent pens which, although at a lower price than the competition, are real design objects, must-haves designed and created to always offer pens. quality fountain pens.