EVGA XR1 Pro 4K card captures every gameplay moment without streaming lag

EVGA XR1 Pro 4K card capture every gameplay moment without streaming lag

The new EVGA XR1 PRO external card, equipped with passthrough and advanced features, is an accessory that cannot be missing in the streamer arsenal. Adorned with many customizable RGB LEDs at the top, it will easily fit on any desk and integrate perfectly into your gaming setup.

EVGA XR1 Pro is able to handle an input signal and ensure the passthrough of video signals up to 4K resolution at 60 fps while maintaining HDR quality. With the push of a button, you can switch to the advanced passthrough mode which allows you to play with your HDR monitor at high refresh rate up to 240 fps in 1080p resolution (60 fps / @ 2160p).

Capable of recording video in RAW format while at the same time allowing you to continue playing at full resolution or higher framerate, the EVGA XR1 Pro is among the few video capture cards certified for use with OBS (Open Broadcaster) software. Software). With the ability to be connected to other XR1 series cards, it is also a perfect solution for professionals who need to work with multi-camera setups.

A USB Type-C 3.0 interface is used for connection to the PC, while two HDMI 2.0 ports are present for the audio / video input and passthrough. On the front of the card there are two 3.5mm jacks for connecting headphones and microphone, while the wheel will allow you to adjust various settings without having to exit your game and stop streaming or recording.

EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card, 1440p/4K HDR Capture/Pass Through, Certified for OBS, USB 3.1, ARGB, Audio Mixer, PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, 144-U1-CB21-LR
  • Capture and record up to 1440p @ 60fps or 4k @ 30fps
  • True 1440p@144hz HDR / 4k 60hz HDR pass through
  • Customizable RGB LEDS and built in audio mixer controls at your fingertips with the EVGA XR1 Pro control dial.
  • Certified for OBS
  • Effortless setup. Simple plug and play, no driver installation required
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