Gray’s case with band CYBER WATCH adds sci-fi design to Apple Watch

Gray's case with band CYBER WATCH adds sci-fi design to Apple Watch

Gray is a company that produces accessories for technological devices with an extremely bold and modern design with the highest quality materials. Visionaries and pioneers of cutting-edge solutions, they define themselves as “rebels” who “have dared to turn the promise of tomorrow into their mission today”.

In creating the CYBER WATCH, the company was moved by the ambition to finally create a sculpture for the Apple Watch that truly represented its revolutionary technology. To do this they managed to radically shape the outward appearance of an Apple Watch, transforming it into an object that would be as fantastic today as in a hundred years from now.

In fact, every detail has been designed to represent the spirit of the future.
The shell, with its unique cross-sectional profile that “flows naturally with a silent force that projects safety,” is made from two CNC-machined aerospace-grade titanium blocks. The matching strap, on the other hand, made of FKM rubber, is resistant to high performance but incredibly comfortable.

Gray’s expert master craftsmen burn each case individually by hand to create the Aurora edition limited to 500 pieces worldwide. This challenging treatment process uses titanium’s ability to change color when it comes into contact with heat. Due to the random formation of colors during the treatment, each of the 500 pieces is therefore truly unique and unparalleled.