How to choose the best PC Blue Light Blocking Glasses

How to choose the best PC Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Despite conflicting opinions on the true extent of the benefits, Blue Light Blocking Glasses still manage to bring some benefit to the eye.
But what is meant by “Blue Light”?
And what are its real health risks?
Let’s try to clarify this controversial topic, because the lenses and technologies used are not all the same.

What are commonly called blue rays are very high frequency, high energy rays of light, much more than the sun’s UV rays, and are not visible to the naked eye.
Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to this type of light can cause insomnia and discomfort and in some cases damage vision. Thanks to a special treatment, the Blue Light Blocking Glasses are able to filter this specific type of blue light in order to significantly, if indeed completely, the problems caused by this kind of light, also improving contrast and offering an optimal and comfortable visual experience.

The negative effects of blue light rays

The so-called “blue light” is a particular form of electromagnetic radiation of the light spectrum with a wavelength between 380 and 500 nanometers.
This ultraviolet light, usually invisible to the naked eye, can cause the onset of important pathologies related to vision as well as premature aging of the retina.
It is a spectrum naturally emitted also by sunlight without causing particular problems, but whose overexposure resulting from the massive use of electronic screens causes in the medium-term very annoying eye disorders such as burning, redness, itching, dryness of the pupils, vision. double and sensitivity to light.
Prolonged use of computers and smartphones, reducing the blink rate up to five times, in addition to visual problems, can cause a series of related side effects such as headache, neck and shoulder pain.

Unlike blue-turquoise light which is vital for the body because it stimulates the part of the brain where melatonin is produced, responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle, exposure to blue light influences the circadian cycle causing opposite effects.
In particular, blue-violet light is harmful to the cells of the retina and can cause long-term damage by accelerating the onset of age-related macular degeneration.
Eyestrain and insomnia and anxiety caused by a drop in melatonin, but in the long run it can also cause maculopathy.
Not as bad as many people paint it, but being artificially emitted by practically all LCD and LED screens of the main devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers, today the potential risks of this mass overexposure cannot be overlooked.

So what are the most annoying inconveniences due to prolonged exposure to monitors? You have probably tried them perhaps without tracing them directly back to your work in the office:

  • dry eye: caused by poor lubrication of the eyeball with a consequent increase in salt production. The most common symptom is undoubtedly that of burning, accompanied by itching and irritation.
  • excessive sensitivity to light: working in an environment exposed to both artificial lighting and the light emitted by the monitor at the end of the day it will almost annoy you to go out into the street and you have already had the impression that there is too much light outside.
  • difficulty in focusing on distant objects at the end of the day: staring at small print for many hours, when in the evening you are ready to go out and you are about to say goodbye to a colleague you may have had some difficulty in distinguishing the moving objects in the distance.
  • muscle tension and neck pain: due to incorrect posture of the back and torso, when, not seeing the details of the screen well, you tend to get closer and closer, ending up acquiring uncomfortable and harmful positions.

When the use of anti-reflective glasses is recommended

Anti blue light glasses are glasses with special lenses, which are specially designed to reject the rays of electronic devices. Since they are mainly used for those who work in front of a screen, they are also called computer glasses. Although it is always advisable to remember to take breaks during prolonged exposure of the eyes to the screen, anti-blue light glasses allow you to spend several hours in contact with the rays without suffering the effects of fatigue.

Their capabilities therefore make them particularly recommended for those who spend many hours in front of the PC at work in the office or for study, for those who practice intense gaming sessions not only at the computer but also with the console, those who usually watch entire TV series marathons for example on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney + and in general anyone who has their eyes glued to a screen, even smaller like that of a smartphone.
They are also beautiful accessories to wear, which can give a pleasant touch of culture to our look.

Pros and Cons of computer and gaming glasses

In summary, the use of this type of glasses is a valuable precaution that can be adopted by both eyeglass wearers and those who do not have visual defects. The anti-blue light treatment allows you to:

  • Reduce the action of blue rays
  • Improve contrast and visual comfort
  • Reduce glare and reflections on the lens

These can be equipped with graduated or neutral lenses (totally without gradation) so that they can also be used without known vision problems. For those who already wear eyeglasses, after consulting a professional ophthalmologist, it is preferable to purchase correctly graduated lenses with the addition of anti-reflection treatment. It should be borne in mind that even the best lenses of this type almost never filter over 60% of blue-violet light.
This is because, like everything in nature, excesses can still turn out to be a bad idea. In fact, our body still needs to absorb a minimum percentage of that blue light, otherwise there could be contrasting effects such as a dancing mood, lower productivity and reactivity.

Which pc anti-reflective glasses to choose

Not all blue-light glasses are created equal. Those with totally transparent lenses are to be avoided because they could only filter a limited amount of rays, on average just over 5%. On the other hand, those with a light, almost imperceptible, amber yellow patina are preferred.
This special coverage is precisely what makes it possible to filter the light of the devices and reduce reflections by blocking between 30% and 60% of the rays in question.

Despite everything, this slight tint does not tangibly affect the correct vision of colors, however the intensity of some blues and violets may still appear slightly muted since these lenses filter part of the spectrum of these shades. You can therefore expect to see these colors with a less vibrant intensity due to the lower amount of photons reaching the eye when wearing blue light filter glasses. It is thanks to this particularity, however, that the blue light glasses help to relax the sight in the evening hours, helping the quality of sleep.

Let’s find out now the best models of the moment.

HyperX is a well-known brand of pc components much appreciated by gamers. Its Spectre React Gaming Eyewear is comfortable, protective eyewear with an optional polarized sunglass clip to reduce glare outdoors. The lenses filter out blue light, reducing the effects of digital eye strain including headaches, blurred vision and eye fatigue. You ca quickly transit from indoors to outdoors with the magnetic sunglass clip. The crystal clear lenses are designed to reduce color distortion, so you get the intended gaming experience. A carrying case and microfiber pouch are included.

HyperX Spectre React - Gaming Eyewear, Blue Light Blocking Glasses, UV Protection, Ultem Frame, Crystal Clear Lenses, Microfiber Bag, Hard Case – Medium/Large Crystal Grey
  • Seamlessly converts to polarized sunglasses: The optional matching magnetic sunglass clip lets you quickly go from indoor to outdoor activities. The polarized sunglass lenses help to reduce reflection, eliminate glare, and improve visibility.
  • Dependable blue light and UV protection: Help reduce the effects of digital eye strain including headaches, blurred vision, and eye fatigue thanks to the blue light and UV protection of the premium polycarbonate lenses.
  • Crystal clear lenses: Clear, anti-reflective lenses provide true, vivid colors to deliver the intended gaming experience.
  • Signature HyperX comfort and durability: Built to be both comfortable and durable enough for all-day use with or without a headset.
  • Versatile & stylish design with hard shell case: Protect your eyes while using digital devices in a wide range of settings. A hard shell carrying case and microfiber pouch are included for safe and secure transport.

Cyrus was created as a professional eye glasses manufacturer in the United States. It owns the patented lens technology of filtering harmful blue light and having the ability of making unique needs of specialty businesses. All glasses have passed FDA, SGS, RoHS and CE certifications. Its Blue Light Glasses, with an elegant and lightweight design, weigh only 16.6 grams so they are suitable for wearing more than 8 hours a day.

GUNNAR produces the only blue light blocking computer and gaming glasses with patented lens technology that is recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. Unlike other blue light blocking glasses, this company developed the Blue Light Protection Factor, telling you exactly how much of the peak blue light spectrum (450nm) we’re blocking. Not all blue light glasses in the market protects you from the strongest high-energy visible light.

GUNNAR - Gaming and Computer Glasses - Blocks 65% Blue Light - Intercept, Onyx, Amber Tint
  • Recommended by doctors, our blue light blocking computer & gaming glasses (Patented Lens #9417460) protects your vision, reduces eye strain and headaches while viewing tablets, computers, TV, and phones
  • Unlike other blue light blocking glasses, GUNNAR developed the Blue Light Protection Factor, telling you exactly how much of the peak blue light spectrum (450nm) We're blocking. Not all blue light glasses in the market protects you from the strongest high-energy visible light.
  • The preferred gaming glasses for men and women, GUNNAR protects against symptoms stemming from prolonged screen-staring including migraines, headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, negative effects of blue light exposure, cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Specs: lens Width: 58 mm | nose: 17 mm | frame Width: 133 mm | Temple: 135 mm | weight: 33 grams. Gunnar produces ergonomically designed gaming eyewear with a lightweight frame to give you a full day of comfortable screen viewing.

MIGSIR blue light blocking glasses contain both fashion and functionality. Wearing the spectacle frame is not only a functional need but also a lifestyle. Their blue light glasses are a perfect option for those who need to tackle screens with a different look every day. With an excellent quality / price ratio, they are sold in economical packs of 3 models in different colors.

Blue Cut is a new generation of blue light blocking glasses designed with BC_X lens technology. Also available in classic Aviator and Cat Eye designs, they are among the best-selling models.

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