Huenit is a modular robotic arm with AI and some cool add-on

Whatever is your work, if you need a helping hand, Huenit has you covered. This new modular robotic arm allows you to use artificial intelligence and thanks to a set of add-on accessories, can realize 3D printing, laser engraving, and robotic automations, to make all your engineering and creative ideas come true with ease and speed.

Behind an intuitive 2.4″ touchscreen display showing cute eyes, is placed the AI Camera equipped with a 2-megapixel sensor that — combined with the Kendryte K210 RISC-V-based computer system — can capture 30 frames per second. It also comes complete a MEMS microphone for voice recognition as well as a 0.5W speaker. Powered by 60x RGB LED, this robotic arm is capable of a variety of artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition, image classification, object detection, line tracking, color recognition, human segmentation, and more.

Huenit can use a high-power laser to cut and engrave paper, wood, leather, anodized aluminum, and other materials. It can also work with a pen to draw and write.
The modular system let you easily switch between different modules, from suction grabber to pen holder to 2.5W laser engraver and 3D printer.

Huenit can lift a 750g (around 26.5oz) payload, has a 390mm (around 15.4″) reach, a 500mm/s (around 19.7″ per second) speed, and a 0.05mm (around 0.002″) accuracy Huenit can easily be used for any type of project.

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