Hydrate Bottle XL Jug delivers the water for a whole day hydration

Hydrate was first created in 2016 born out of a desire to help people to drink more water coupled with a need to drive cultural change, to lower the consumption of one-time use bottles.
They have created an innovative range of reusable, stylish and yet practical bottles, designed specifically to meet your needs in any situation or place.

The XL Jug bottle model is capacious and resistant and allows you to have at your side all the water you need to hydrate yourself for a whole day.

It comes with a pop cap design to give you quick and easy access to your water whenever you need it.
With the large capacity of 2.2 liters, it delivers your recommended daily water intake in just one fill.
The design resembles a small bin, which well represents its size.
Despite this, it is extremely portable. Indeed, the ergonomic carry handle and the robust nylon carrying strap making it easy to carry around (really intersting the carrier sleeve in gray camo design).

They are manufactured from BPA Free plastic and offer a great alternative to single use plastic bottles.

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