Insta360 ONE RS is a modular action camera with interchangeable lenses

Insta360 ONE RS is a modular action camera with interchangeable lenses

Insta360 presented its new ONE RS, a modular action camera consisting of three basic components: battery, processor and three lenses that can be interchanged as needed. The ONE RS has a new 4K Boost lens with a 1/2″ sensor with 48 megapixel resolution, for 4K 60fps video and more detailed wide-angle photos, and a new core that offers better stabilization and clearer audio.

The 4K Boost lens features Active HDR mode, perfect for action sports, capable of reducing the “ghosting” effect, and 6K Widescreen mode thanks to the powerful 48MP sensor. To complete the equipment we also find a 5.7K 360 lens that allows you to obtain an “Invisible” effect of the Selfie Stick and a 5.3K 1-inch wide-angle lens designed in collaboration with Leica.

The core of the ONE RS optimizes the FlowState stabilization provided on the hardware side. Furthermore, the leveling of the 360-degree horizon ensures that the video is always stabilized: just activate the setting on the Insta360 app or on the desktop software for videos shot with any of the three lenses and the video will always be leveled.
This new core also features an additional microphone, 50% faster Wi-Fi, up to 2.7x instant digital zoom function when recording videos.

Using the Quick Reader accessory you can quickly save the files on the SD card and then connect it to your smartphone to start editing via the Insta360 app which offers a series of AI-based functions: Stop Motion, Clone, Snap Wizard and Shot Lab which is constantly updated with new effects.

Resistant and waterproof up to 5 meters deep with IPX8 certification, the frame has also been totally redesigned with a quick release mechanism for changing lenses and better heat dissipation.

Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition – Waterproof 4K 60fps Action Camera & 5.7K 360 Camera with Interchangeable Lenses, Stabilization, 48MP Photo, Active HDR, AI Editing
  • 4K Boost Lens & 5.7K 360 Lens: Get two cameras in one with Insta360 ONE RS. Swap between the new 4K Boost Lens for stunningly detailed wide-angle videos and the 360 Lens for endless creative possibilities.
  • FlowState Stabilization: Buttery smooth image stabilization, no matter what lens you use. The powerful RS Core now delivers FlowState stabilization in camera when paired with the wide-angle lenses. No editing needed.
  • 48MP Photos, 6K Widescreen Video & Active HDR Video: Thanks to a new sensor, capture crisp 48MP photos, ultra-detailed 6K widescreen videos and vibrant HDR action videos.
  • Invisible Selfie Stick: Don't ruin the view with an ugly selfie stick! The 360 Lens makes the Invisible Selfie Stick totally disappear from your shots for impossible drone-like footage and third-person perspectives.
  • In the Box: 1x 4K Boost Lens, 1x 360 Lens, 1x ONE RS Core, 1x ONE RS Battery Base, 1x Lens Cap for 360 Lens and 1x ONE RS Mounting Bracket.