KeySmart Max is the world’s smartest key organizer right in your pocket

KeySmart Max is the world's smartest key organizer right in your pocket

Don’t you dare call it a keychain. KeySmart Max is really the ultimate key organizer solution in your EDC set. It can bring up to 14 keys & easily attach car key fob & other tools with included black loop ring.

With the free Tile app and 150ft Bluetooth range you can localize your keys on a map without worrying about losing them.
Just press a button to make your missing keys ring to find them faster or make your lost phone ring, even if on silent mode.

The thermoband connects the electric panel and battery, while also serving as a loop piece to connect keychain accessories. The compact and modern design allow up to 60 days of battery life which you can recharge it via the Micro-USB port on the side.
With the built-in LED flashlight you can see the keyhole at night or use it as an everyday carry light anyway. Plus it’s included a multi-tool that works as a bottle opener and flathead screwdriver.

Keysmart disposes a large set of useful tools add-ons to make your KeySmart Max into a real Swiss Army knife. Tools fit inside the KeySmart or attach to the thermoband or black loop ring included.

KeySmart Max Portachiavi Organizzatore con Tecnologia Tile Bluetooth Smart
  • Grazie portachiavi più smart e potente al mondo non perderai mai più le tue chiavi. Organizza le tue chiavi in maniera compatta e funzionale, con la sicurezza che non le perderai mai più!
  • Grazie alla tecnologia Tile Smart potrai rintracciare le chiavi perse su una mappa nell'app Tile gratuita.
  • Il tuo portachaivi emetterà un suono che ti permetterà di ritrovarle più velocemente.
  • Potrai anche ritrovare il tuo telefono smarrito: se perdi il telefono, puoi premere un pulsante sul tuo KeySmart Max per far squillare il telefono smarrito, anche se si trovasse in modalità silenziosa.