Lanmodo Vast M1 is a night vision system for your car

Lanmodo Vast M1 is a night vision system for your car

The Lanmodo Vast M1 is a vision system equipped with two dashcams, which presents full-color crisp images that deliver crystal-clear and vivid night vision quality, improving visibility massively in extremely dark environments and various weather conditions.
The use of the Vast M1’s advanced image processing algorithms generates sharp images despite poor visibility environments. This allow you to cope with unfriendly weather conditions with ease and escort your driving on rainy, snowy and foggy days.

The high-resolution images presented in a large 1080p screen can provide the driver with vivid and crystal-clear vision. Furthermore, what makes Vast M1 stand out as a night vision system is that, not only does it make everything clearer and brighter at night, but it’s even powerful enough to detect colors in the dark, which is especially helpful when driving in dark environments.

This night vision system enables you to see almost as far as in daylight even when driving at night, while the 75° angle of the front camera is broader than what your naked eyes can see. Moreover, thanks to the night vision rear camera, parking and driving in the dark becomes much easier. The wide angle and high resolution of the rear camera offer all-rounded protection whether your car is speeding on the road or staying in a car park.

The device supports up to 128 Gb of memory allowing you to store up to 28 hours of video, while the loop recording function will automatically delete old videos and replace them with the most recent recording, ensuring continuous monitoring of the car park 24 hours a day. The in-built G-sensor can detect collisions and lock the accident footage, preventing the important footage from being erased.

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