LUMINO is a futuristic dog leash inspired by the 80’s cyberpunk movies

LUMINO is a futuristic dog leash inspired by the 80's cyberpunk movies

It looks like one of the discs used in the Tron Legacy battles, it’s actually a new dog leash that will make your pup feel cooler.

Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to use, whether held in the hand or hung on the wrist. The light option will make night runs a new, more fun experience. The six color modes of the RGB LED will not only light the way, but you will do it with the futuristic style of cyberpunk movies.

The snap button allows you to easily attach the leash to the collar and release it without stress for you and your dog friend.

The leash also includes a LED flashlight on the front with a range of 3 meters.
By pressing the gray side button you can access the handy dispenser for biodegradable poop bags as well.

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