Luna Display for Windows Turn your iPad into a wireless display for PC

Starting with macOS Catalina, with the Sidecar app, mac users can use their iPad as an additional touch screen display.
You know, we also find Duet Display, a third-party application that extends this feature to Windows computers and other Apple devices that are not officially compatible with Sidecar, however, with some important limitations.

But now Astropad introduced Luna Display, a little dongle that using a specific hardware that provides many remarkable advantages compared to other solutions.
First of all, Luna includes wireless support with your purchase while Duet Display requires a subscription for that.
Moreover, the hardware solution requires no system drivers that can contribute to program incompatibilities or system instability.
Luna drives the full native resolution of the 12.9″ iPad while Duet Display is not able to and scales up your content.
Luna uses the same industry-standard display protocols as a regular monitor, so as far as your computer is concerned, Luna is recognized as a real display. Why does this matter? It means Luna will work with every program on your PC, videogames included.
Finally, Luna uses our proprietary tech LIQUID, which provides the lowest latency of any iPad second screen solution and let you use your pencil in natural way.

Traditional monitors leave you tethered to your desk, but Luna works wirelessly over your existing WiFi network and let you move your workspace around your house, to the office, and everywhere in between. Start in yout desk computer, continue from your sofa.

Luigi Cigliano

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