Monogram Creative Console turns your PC into an editing battlestation with levers and knobs

Monogram Creative Console turns your PC into an editing battlestation with levers and knobs

The Monogram Creative Console is a modular, freeform control surface designed to streamline editing and make interacting with creative software more engaging. It’s a device perfectly suited for photo editing and retouching, video editing, color grading, virtual production, audio or music production, and other creative workflows.

Monogram’s tactile tools help you engage with your work in a more creative and expressive way and, differently from a computer keyboard, puts your most used tools at your fingertips with a gaining pinpoint precision.
You can combine different modules and optimize for your best workflow. The power of this modular solution let you expand your console by adding or swapping modules as needed, without replacing the entire system.

The Core, as the name implies, it the heart of the consol that powers and connects Creative Console to your PC or Mac. It delivers fast and smooth performance with two mechanical keys for switching and previewing the console’s functionality.
Orbiter it’s a pressure-sensitive disc and with infinite encoder ring for smooth and precise adjustments, perfect for 2D and 3D control as tonal adjustments, color grading or smooth transport control.

Based on three endless encoders with a built-in button for secondary functions, Dial it’s a module that lets you control up to 135 programmable functions and it results very useful for Photoshop color settings.
Slider, with three smooth linear potentiometers for horizontal or vertical adjustments, dynamically assign up to 45 programmable functions in one module.
You can use it as brush tool, dodge and burn, zoom, real-time expressive control of virtual instruments.
Last but not the least, Essential Keys is a module based on three tactile mechanical switches to automate your most repetitive tasks. It let you assign up to 45 programmable functions and digitally label each on an on-screen display to bring up a preview on your screen.
Perfect for quick access to your most frequently used hotkeys, macros, actions, or MIDI notes.

Each module is made from the highest quality materials including CNC-machined aluminum, neodymium magnets and gold-plated connections that will not only look beautiful on your desk but will also last. Anyway it looks really cool beside your keyboard.