MSI Mouse Clutch GM41 Lightweight Review: comfort, elegance and speed

MSI Mouse Clutch GM41 Lightweight Review: comfort, elegance and speed

MSI has fast become one of the leading brands on the market in the production of PC components of a certain caliber, aimed at the increasingly demanding clientele represented by gamers.
Most famous for its high-performance mainboards, in the last decade it has also gained significant experience with gaming mice, releasing over a dozen models.
In recent times, ultra-light gaming mice have reached an important consensus also thanks to the increasingly widespread Battle Royale games where every millisecond of advantage can make the difference to dominate the opponents.

To meet this trend, MSI has released a personal interpretation of an ultralight mouse, totally redesigned and with a series of original solutions that dissociate themselves from the crowd.
In fact, the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight, in order to preserve the comfort and ergonomics of the hand, adopts a completely different design approach that gives it a conventional design only in appearance.
The mission would seem perfectly successful: without compromising the grip comfort, with its 65 grams it is even lighter than several famous models.


Most of the recent ultralight mice use the popular solution of removing material from the front through a series of holes due to reduce their weight.
It is a choice that may or not be aesthetically pleasing and which, where available, gives great visibility to the RGB LEDs creating pleasant plays of light. All this, however, at the expense of ergonomics (a perforated surface is certainly less comfortable) and the hygiene of the mouse itself. Inside these, in fact, all kinds of debris tend to accumulate such as dust, crumbs and sometimes sweat from the hand.
To reduce its weight, the GM41 Clutch does not resort to these compromises but, through an accurate redesign of every single internal component, does not exceed the total 65 grams on the scale, thus establishing itself as one of the lightest gaming mice on the market without affecting the slightest on ergonomics.
All this translates into unprecedented speed and gaming performance, for a device that is also very beautiful and elegant.

Perfect for a gaming battle-station, it will look good on a more sober desk dedicated to work as well.
The body in glossy black with the dragon of the illuminated MSI logo is attractive but not excessive, the sides covered in a rubberized material instead allow a very firm grip thanks to the non-slip texture in the shape of rhombuses that helps to give a pleasant touch of hi-tech design.
Its tapered shape and its elongated forward keys give a firm grip without tiring the hand even after several hours of play, also adapting to the needs of left-handers thanks to the symmetry of the design.


Everything is summed up in two words: speed and precision.
Despite its low weight, the mouse still transmits a feeling of strong robustness and solidity but with a high response sensitivity of the two main keys. These make use of the advanced OMRON Switches guaranteed for 60 million clicks, a minimum resistance security to optimize reflexes during matches.
The beating heart of the GM41 Clutch is its 400 IPS Pixart 3389 optical sensor with millimeter accuracy up to 16000 DPI and a polling speed of 1 ms.
The cable is coated with the particular proprietary MSI FriXionFree technology, a solution designed to minimize the friction on the mouse pad and the desk in favor of faster movement speed.

Software and customization

Customization is entrusted to the Dragon Center software which represents a real control panel for all MSI peripherals. Through this program it is possible to set the function of each single key and vary the Polling Rate, the Lift-off distance (to prevent the mouse from moving when it is raised), the angular shutter and obviously the movement sensitivity in DPI.

Also through Dragon Center (available for free on the MSI website) it is possible to customize different characteristics of the RGB LED placed on the front which takes the form of the MSI logo. In addition to varying the color tone of the LED, it is possible to choose between different lighting effects, such as rainbow or the so-called “breathing”. There is also support for Ambient Link, the system that synchronizes lighting effects on various compatible MSI accessories and on other smart devices such as those of the Nanoleaf and Philips Hue range.

Final verdict

The MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight is a real ultralight gaming mouse. With a weight of only 65 grams it is perfect for competitive online gaming, allowing gamers to aim with agility and precision, also thanks to the cable covered with a particular sheath able to reduce friction.
Well built, thanks to its elegant and symmetrical design it will please both professionals and left-handed players.
The high quality Pixart 3389 optical sensor is able to offer precise movements at high speed thanks to its 400 IPS, a maximum of 16,000 DPI and polling rate of 1 millisecond.
The customization is not extreme and the RGB lighting, although configurable via its well thought-out software, is limited to the MSI logo placed on the back which is covered by the user’s hand. Its strengths are the speed and the gaming comfort, all with a sober design.