Mutrics GB-30 White: the sunglasses designed for video gamers old school

Mutrics GB-30 the sunglasses designed for video gamers old school

I want to be honest, I would never wear it in the office but this pair of sunglasses really have their own charm.
The design is clearly inspired by the angular shapes of the Game Boy, the first true handheld console made by Nintendo.

Mutrics claims that the GB-30 White model it’s the world’s first pair of smartglasses that are specially designed for videogamers.
However there isn’t an evident smart feature really, but you are able to call Siri and Google assistant by the pressure of a button on the eyeglasses’ temple.

What I appreciate a lot, instead, it’s the striking design, open-ear audio, advanced virtual surround sound 5.1 system, and anti-blue light lenses that combine to deliver gamers unparalleled sound experience as well as ear and eye comfort and protection for longtime videogaming.
Thanks to the wireless connection Bluetooth 5.0 you can pair it with your smartphone or any gaming console.