NuPhy Air75 is truly a work of art, not just a keyboard

NuPhy Air75 is truly a work of art, not just a keyboard

NuType Air75 shows an innovative upgrade of aluminum alloy processing method with the reverse stamping to the top so that the entire surface would recess. This method helped to hide the mechanical switches and perfectly maintain the unibody design.

To fulfilling your multitasking needs there are 3 differents modes of connection.
Bluetooth 5.0 seamlessly connecting with up to 4 devices, but for gamers and editors who pursue input efficiency, the new 2.4G wireless provides lower latency and higher stability than Bluetooth. Anyway, you can also use a USB-C cable to connect Air75 to your computer.

The 2500mAh battery which provide 39% more power than previus model, while maintaining the same thickness, which is 16mm to 21mm. To ensure that users do not see the battery directly through the translucent bottom shell, NuType also have increased the size of the stainless steel nameplate to cover almost the entire battery.

Air75 was designed to be perfectly compatible with macOS and Windows from the beginning. It provides multimedia-keys layout for Mac users and shortcut keys including section screenshots, full-screen screenshots, and Siri/Cortana.

The keys system is hot-swappable, allowing you to easily replace or upgrade your switches without soldering and to enjoy a different typing experience free of restriction.

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