Opal C1 is the first DSLR webcam for unprecedented image quality

Opal C1 is the first DSLR webcam for unprecedented image quality

Even the best of webcams can never match the video quality of a DSLR camera. Indeed many professional streamers resort to this expensive and cumbersome solution. This is why the idea behind the new Opal C1 is extremely interesting. Made by startup Opal, this is a $ 300 DSLR webcam made specifically for Mac computers.

Opal is made up of former Apple, Beats and Uber employees, and the particular C1 webcam aims to be the first professional webcam, which is a bit overkill given the amount of compression most streaming and video conferencing services use online. However, higher color fidelity and better image quality are becoming increasingly important for professionals from various industries.

The Opal C1 features a clean design consisting of a large rectangle with a Sony 4K mirrorless 7.8mm 60fps sensor, a microchip capable of 4 trillion operations per second and a large omnidirectional MicMesh to capture sound quality. with noise cancellation.

Through its C1 software it is possible to blur the background or use facial recognition to retouch and filter images. The manual controls allow you to set up the webcam as a real DSLR camera. It also supports Gesture Control feature to zoom or stop the video with simple gestures.
Don’t worry for PC users: support for Windows systems is planned for next year.

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