Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift X Premium PC Case

The high quality craftsmanship of the Evolv Shift can be seen in every detail of their products. From efficient space utilization to innovative features, the Shift delivers a compact housing that packs plenty of power. Every aspect of this PC case has been thoughtfully realized to be intuitive, clean and accessible.
The interior is designed to meet the demand of AIO water cooling. Due to its small footprint and versatile placement, the Shift will look impressive anywhere in your home environment or office space.

The Evolv Shift X model show off a similar design to its younger brother, but taller and slimmer. Even in a horizontal position, it’s perfect for placing in the living room and bringing to life your ultimate entertainment computer and built your best custom gaming console. Both are available in colors Satin Black Anthracite Grey.
Choose the one you like best.

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