Police x THE BATMAN: 4 limited edition watches in partnership with Warner Bros.

Police x THE BATMAN: 4 limited edition watches in partnership with Warner Bros.

POLICE, the Italian fashion accessories brand, officially announces its partnership with Warner Bros. and THE BATMAN. The two iconic brands have come together in the creation of four limited edition watches that boast mysterious and bold elements, which represent the dark atmosphere of the masked hero.

Made in only 10,000 copies, the watches will surely be contested by collectors and fans of the bat.
The four watches have been expertly named, drawing inspiration from the exciting partnership that includes the following timepieces: THE BATMAN Edition, THE BATMAN Vengeance Edition, THE BATMAN Gotham City Edition and THE BATMAN Catwoman Edition.

THE BATMAN watch features an exclusive 50 x 32 mm case structure divided into two parts that evokes the character’s dual identity. Each case can be set to a specific time zone, a feature that makes the watch perfect for international adventures.

The unabashed fury of The Batman comes to life in the Vengeance edition of the watch. Equipped with three dials for three separate time zones, the watch comes with a 49 x 56 mm case and a black-plated stainless steel bracelet.

An ode to the city that witnesses everything, the Gotham City edition is animated by a backlight inside a black-plated stainless steel case measuring 44 x 52 mm. The legendary symbol of The Batman lights up on the dark dial characterized by a honeycomb texture.

Finally, the Catwoman edition is inspired by the agile and fast character of the same name. Equipped with a 40 x 46 mm black plated stainless steel case adorned with a bezel decorated with jet black colored stones. The two-level dial features 12 expertly faceted indexes and polished hands in perfect harmony with the Catwoman style.