Razer Huntsman Mini Analog adds joystick-like control to a 60% gaming keyboard

Razer announces the new Huntsman Mini Analog, the first 60% compact gaming keyboard available on the market with analog optical switches. It’s a solution that offers gamers the highest levels of precision, performance and control in a small and portable form factor.

Featuring this special type of switch, the Huntsman Mini Analog refines the in-game experience with adjustable analog control for sensitivity presets and double key mapping for digital / analog inputs. This allows users to benefit from greater control over throttle and steering in racing games or to assign two functions to a single button depending on how much is pressed, to have both walk and run on a single button in first person shooters.

For the ultimate in durability, the Huntsman Mini Analog is topped with a PBT Doubleshot keycap for a long-lasting textured finish that retains its pristine appearance even after prolonged use. An aluminum design helps ensure further durability to the keyboard, while the removable Type-C cable ensures easy portability.

Razer has also included Chroma RGB backlighting in this model, along with onboard memory for up to five keybinding profiles.
Additionally, the Huntsman Mini Analog offers fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording, a game mode option and a 1,000Hz polling rate.

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard: Analog Optical Switches - Doubleshot PBT Keycaps - Chroma RGB - Onboard Memory - Portable 60 Percent Form Factor - Detachable Type-C Cable - Classic Black
  • Analog Optical Switches: Enjoy an elevated experience with improved Razer Synapse functions, including adjustable analog control with sensitivity presets and double keymapping for digital/analog inputs
  • Doubleshot PBT Keycaps: Designed for greater durability, they’ll never degrade to a shiny finish or have their labelling wear off with intense use — side-printed secondary functions included for easier reference
  • Onboard Memory & Lighting Presets: Store and activate up to 5 keyboard profiles without the need for software and personalize it further with a suite of Razer Chroma RGB lighting effects preloaded into the keyboard
  • Detachable Type-C Cable: Unpack, plug and play with minimal fuss for all your LAN parties and tournaments — features a cable latch that ensures it stays securely connected during gameplay
  • Aluminum Construction: The casing is robust enough to withstand long hours of intense, regular use and has a clean matte finish