Razer Phone Cooler Chroma: a MagSafe cooling system with RGB lights for smartphone pro-gaming

Razer Phone Cooler Chroma: a MagSafe cooling system with RGB lights for smartphone pro-gaming

The smartphone video game industry is booming, however most devices have relatively tight thermal limits, which means that gaming performance can decline when a chipset reaches suboptimal operating temperatures. Some smartphones dedicated to Android gaming have tried to combat this by adding internal active cooling solutions, but these are very niche solutions.

However, Razer just launched the Phone Cooler Chroma. It is a solution designed to be attached to the back of a smartphone, be it an iPhone or an Android, to blow air into the back of the device to help dissipate heat and avoid performance throttling.
The iPhone model cleverly takes advantage of Apple’s MagSafe adapter technology to clip onto the back of a compatible model (from the iPhone 8 or newer), while the Android model (and iPhones without MagSafe) uses a traditional clamp to make the job.

The only noticeable drawback we can see for the Razer Phone Cooler Chroma is that it requires an external power source over USB-C, which can limit its usability when gaming on the go. Anyway, for serious mobile gamers, it might be what they need to help minimize frame rate drops.

The cooling system features a 7-blade fan with a maximum of 6,400 rpm and a noise profile of 30 dB for quiet performance. It features a Bluetooth connection to adjust the fan properties and customize the 12 RGB lights like any self-respecting gaming peripheral.

Razer Phone Cooler Chroma: Available for iPhone & Android - Universal Clamp - Advanced Smartphone Cooling Technology - 7-Blade Fan - 12 RGB LEDs - USB Type-C Power Cable - Powered by Chroma RGB
  • iPhone and Android Compatible: Designed with a universal clamp that makes this cooling fan the perfect fit for mobile gaming on any type of smartphone
  • Advanced Smartphone Cooling Technology: Provides maximum airflow with minimal noise through an electronic Peltier cooling tile that draws heat away from the smartphone and dissipates it with a powerful yet quiet 7-blade fan
  • 12 RGB LEDs: Unleash brighter, more refined lighting effects for greater style and gaming immersion with 12 customizable RGB LEDs embedded beneath the fan
  • USB Type-C Power Cable: Includes a 1.5m USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable for fast, convenient power while gaming (requires compatible power adapter)
  • Powered by Razer Chroma RGB: With 16.8 million colors, countless patterns, and dynamic in-game lighting effects, gain access to the world’s largest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices as you control it all from one powerful platform