Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series Dark Knight is the gaming chair for your Batcave

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series Dark Knight is the gaming chair for your Batcave

Straight from the darkness of the Batcave, Secret lab presents its new TITAN Evo 2022 Series Dark Knight Edition gaming chair, the most comfortable way to celebrate 80 years of excellence in fighting crime by the Batman. With the bespoke embroidered bat emblem and seat details evoking the Batmobile, this is undoubtedly the sitting experience of choice for the world’s greatest detective.

It is a new evolution of the award-winning seat loved by elite players and professionals around the world. Taking the best of previous OMEGA and TITAN models, with TITAN Evo 2022 Secretlab reinvents the traditional gaming chair with research-backed design innovations engineered for important performance.

Available in Small, Regular and XL, it has an ergonomic support specifically made for each different size. Designed for even weight distribution and pressure relief, the seat features cold curing foam. A patented formula, developed to be of medium consistency in order to offer the perfect combination of comfort and support.
The flared edges create even more space, so you can move more freely, while a slight curvature guides you towards the center for a healthy sitting posture.

Covered in new generation premium imitation leather it is 12 times stronger than normal PU leather, guaranteeing resistance to years of daily use but with a soft and deliciously elastic feedback. Other areas are instead suitably made in the improved SoftWeave technical fabric that allows greater breathability and freshness.

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