Store all your EDC arsenal in a Dango Tray with DTEX pads

Store all your EDC arsenal in a Dango Tray

Made in the USA, the Dango EDC Tray series is designed to tidy up and protect your most important daily carry items.

Machined from a solid piece of CNC aluminum, this sturdy tray features non-slip rubber feet on the underside to protect surfaces and keep it securely in place without being easily moved.
For the 4 different internal sections, optional DTEX pads are available for extra, non-slip protection of stored items.

Cable management openings allow for convenient charging of tech gadgets, slots in the rear work as phone or tablet stands, and a circular indention holds a pen or stylus upright and ready to use.

The Side Tray version, smaller and divided into two sections, is also available of the same excellent build quality.