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The 5 best art supply loot boxes: monthly subscriptions to new artist stuff and stationery

An original selection with only the best Art Subscription Boxes of 2021 with premium supplies for artists and stationery lovers, plus tricks and discount codes to save

My work as a front-end developer has often led me to sketch my projects on paper. My love for fountain pens (Lamy Safari first of all) and Moleskine notebooks (which I expend like eggs for breakfast) has therefore brought me closer to the world of sketchers. In addition to being rich in notes, my notebooks are often surrounded by drawings, wrapped in no sense shapes at other times badly sketched. However, all of this prompted me to attend Inktober for the first time in 2019 and it has since become a fixture every year.

For the few who still don’t know Inktober, it is something of an online challenge that aims to encourage you to improve your inking skills and develop “positive drawing habits”. The challenge created by Jake Parker in 2009 consists of 31 different drawing challenges, one for each day of the month of October. Its purpose is an end in itself, what you win in fact is the practice and the pleasure of drawing and sharing your results with the large community of enthusiasts.

Why am I telling you all this? Simple! Because Inktober is now close and it is an excellent opportunity to start giving free rein to your artistic talent. It doesn’t take long, just pen and paper and follow your instincts.
But starting with a nice set of pencils, paints and quality inks will surely bring more pleasure and motivation to all of this.
Where to start? A beautiful loot box of art supplies it’s definitely a great idea get whatever you need.
I then selected the 5 best art supply loot boxes with monthly subscriptions to get new artist items and stationery, so as to let your imagination run wild. Just open the box and start creating with the tools available. Wonderful!

1 – Upcrate

Born from professional designers Upcrate is a project who sends a large selection of high-end art materials each month, all in one crate, to all its art loving members around the world. Through their contacts and technical know-how they can ensure that they delivers the latest and most attractive products with the best quality and incredibly low prices every month.
Plus, a dedicated team of expressive artists tests all the art supplies they curate for Upcrate to make sure the best things are selected for your creative journey. The subscription costs € 22 per month (about $ 25) with free worldwide shipping and can be canceled at any time. Compared to the quantity and quality of the products so far found with surprise inside the box, this is probably the richest and most convenient choice.
In my honest opinion it is the best.

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2 – ArtSnacks

ArtSnacks tests all art materials in advance, so they have been selected to work perfectly together and bring your artwork to life.
Delivered every month, your box will include 4-5 premium full-size art products, plus a “Menu” describing each product, best practices, and new techniques to try.
In each box we also find a candy and a sticker with the lootbox logo, each month in a different variant. All for the price of $ 24 per month.

Also available is a richer version called ArtSnacks Plus, at the affordable price of $ 39 per month . It’s a new monthly subscription service that the same products featured in the regular ArtSnacks box, as well as a full-size surface selected to work perfectly with those items. More loyalty benefits will also be included in this box like bonus art supplies, discount codes, and free shipping in the ArtSnacks Shop!

Subcribe to ArtSnacks from
With the promotional price of $ 21.60 instead of $ 24.00
You will save $ 2.40 on your first box!
ArtSnacks - Best Monthly Art Supply Subscription Box
  • 4-5 full size premium art products, limited-edition tools and exclusive art supplies.
  • All products are tested by artists, so they’re curated to work perfectly together.
  • Discover new products while learning useful techniques.

3 – ScrawlrBox

Each ScrawlBox is filled with a selection of mystery art supplies, plus a surface on which to create your artwork. There is also an featured artists print and a list of the supplies. Just like ArtSnacks, each month they also include a collectable sticker and a sweet treat.
Compared to the latter there are fewer drawing tools but we also find quality paper of different types included.
The cost of each box is £ 16.95 (about $ 23) but by activating the subscription for several months you can get a small discount.

Subcribe now to ScrawlrBox
Join today and redeem 50 ScrawlrPoints for great savings!

4 – SketchBox

SketchBox is a monthly subscription service intended to empower artists. Each month you will receive from 4 to 9 different art materials, often complete kits such as Copic markers, Krink markers, Pan crayons, Caran d’Ache Luminance colored pencils, Zig Brush pens, Van Gogh watercolors, erasers and other mediums to explore. In addition, you will also receive an inspirational artwork made with the materials in the box by a selected artist and a video tutorial.
There are two types of boxes: Basic and Premium. Basic is $ 25 per month and premium is $ 35 per month which includes higher quality materials. The shipping cost of each box is $ 5 to the US, $ 10 to Canada, and $ 15 to all other countries.

5 – Smart Art Box

At Smart Art, they carefully curate each subscription box to hold all the full-size tools you need to be successful every month. The quantity and quality of the materials is high, as are the costs, indeed it starts at $ 49.95 for one month with free US shipping.
The Smart Art guys are so confident in the goodness of their selected products that, in the event that what you find in the box is not to your liking, they will refund your first purchase and cancel the subscription.
This is undoubtedly an excellent guarantee.

One more thing: MadBomr

MadBomr is an art subscription box mainly dedicated to street artists. Each box contains four to six life-size street art and graffiti items will be delivered to you monthly. Items will include markers, eggshell stickers, mops, caps, mini and so on. Moreover, some items could be exclusive and limited edition. Each pack will also include commercial stickers from artists, graffiti writers, or brands and a 4×6 print of their artwork which is printed on sticky paper so you can fit it into your blackbook. It costs $ 24.99 per month with free US shipping. It costs $ 24.99 a month with free US shipping but they also ship internationally but with different prices.

Luigi Cigliano

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