The first automatic earphone cleaning tool

Without questioning anyone’s personal hygiene, even the cleanest ears produce earwax and it is inevitable that this will end up sticking to our in-ear headphones. Cleaning them is a painstaking operation that must be done carefully so as not to damage the delicate speaker pavilions. Let’s face it, while showing dirty headphones can be embarrassing, keeping them perfectly clean is tedious and time-consuming.

Fortunately, a new gadget called Cardlax may be the right solution to this problem. This small cube is the world’s first automatic cleaning tool for earphones.
What makes it unique is its soft, high-quality sponge and brush that easily cleans every corner of your wireless headphones in just two minutes.

Cardlax is compatible with 99% of the most popular true wireless headphones on the market, including various Apple AirPods models.
Its particular motorized system through rotations, vibrations and oscillations, allows to scrape even the most hidden dirt.