The Magnetic “Light-Mine” by STKR Concepts is a powerful flashlight smaller than a golf ball

The Magnetic “Light-Mine” by STKR Concepts is a powerful flashlight smaller than a golf ball

Its particular name speaks volumes. It is a small torch that, thanks to its particular shape that actually resembles that of a sea mine, is able to illuminate the ambient in different angles without the need to point it.

While not much smaller than a golf ball, the STKR Magnetic Light Mine is a powerful work light that can be used wherever a pinch of light is needed. It has an intensely bright wide-angle LED and 12 powerful neodymium magnets that allow you to clip it to any steel surface or lay it where needed to light your work from virtually any angle.

Useful not only for professionals, it can hang inside the hood of the car, in the pipes to be repaired or in the case of a computer. The possibilities of use are endless and its extremely compact dimensions allow it to adapt and bring light even in the smallest corners.

Its magnets also allow it to be used as a “collection” tool for screws, nails and other small metal components.
Definitely cheap it is also possible to buy it in advantageous sets of several units so as to share them with friends or always have one at hand when necessary.
The included strap also allows you to use it as an original keychain.

STKR Concepts - 00-105 Magnetic Light Mine Hands - Free Task Light Stocking Stuffer - 5 - Pack, Red
  • Original Striker Magnetic Hands Free Led Flashlight
  • Powerful Spotlight With 100S Of Uses
  • 12 Neodymium Magnets Used To Attach And Aim Light Hands Free
  • It Is Small Enough To Fit Into Tight Areas And Aim A Powerful Beam Of Light Where It Is Needed Most
  • Get light into tight spaces with the striker light mine