The new Valentine’s Day edition STAR WARS Funko Pop will surprise your geek sweet half

The new Valentine's Day edition STAR WARS Funko Pop will surprise your geek sweet half

Last year Funko created a line of Pop with Star Wars characters dedicated to Valentine’s Day.
The characters, completely painted in various shades of tender pink, all held a heart-shaped box of chocolates in their hands.

The line for Valentine’s Day 2021 included some of the main characters from the classic trilogy. The characters were Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, Yoda, R2-D2 and Chewbacca (which I immediately bought).
Given the popularity of the Pop Star Wars line for Valentine’s Day, Funko has decided to repeat also for 2022 by adding other pink characters.

This time instead of the more classic characters of the saga, we find instead a series of tributes to the successful Disney + series, The Mandalorian. Besides obviously Mando “The Mandaloriano” holding a love letter and Baby Yoda aka Grogu eating a heart-shaped cookie, we find Ahsoka holding a box of chocolates and Luke Skywalker holding little Grogu in her arms.
There are also two exclusives: Mando wearing the helmet with Grogu in her arms (available only on Target) and the Mandalorian Bo-Katan Kryze holding a bouquet of flowers (available only on Amazon).

Moreover, each of these Pops has a special dedication printed on the base. In particular, we can read: (Mando) “This is the way …. to my heart!”, (Luke) “May the Force be with Us!, (Grogu) “Think you’re yummy”, (Ahsoka) “The Force is strong with you”, (Bo-Katan) We are stronger together “, (Mando with Grogu) “Where you go, I go”.

If you loved the first line of Funko Pop Star Wars for Valentine’s Day I guess you will be happy with this new announcement. If you missed the first series, you will be happy to know that Funko still has the old characters in production, so you may still have time to find them and enrich your collection.