The Zuma Lumisonic seamlessly integrates light and sound in your smart home

The Zuma Lumisonic seamlessly integrates light and sound in your smart home

The unique Zuma Lumisonic system combines sound and light in a single device that you can control with your voice. This spotlight solution discreetly blends into any interior and visually harmonises with any 9.5 cm diameter down light fixture.

With over 100 dimming increments, the Zuma lighting system allows for extremely smooth adjustments. The warm to cold light temperature ranges from 2800k to 4800k, and Zuma’s circadian mode automatically mirrors the intensity and color temperature of natural light.
This lighting technology is entirely focused on human well-being. In fact, in the morning, cold white light promotes the release of cortisol, providing an activating and concentration-enhancing effect. On the contrary, the warm light in the evening stimulates the production of melatonin, which makes us relax and feel tired, in line with the biological processes of the body.

Not only light, but also sound. All synchronized throughout your home. Under the hood we find a monolithic Class D amplifier with next-generation HD audio controlled by a best-in-class quad core audio processor. Each channel is actively filtered and managed by advanced DSP algorithms to maximize detail and performance so you can enjoy a truly immersive audio experience.

Compatible with Alexa and AirPlay, Zuma Lumisonic uses a custom wireless multi-room connectivity system that automatically adapts to your environment. This enables immersive wireless audio over an entire room with best-in-class sync audio streaming. Moreover, every part of the product is software upgradable to give you the confidence that future needs and trends can be met.

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