Ultra lightweight and precision mouse just for pro gamers

Ultra lightweight and precision mouse just for pro gamers

When you play online, milliseconds can really make the difference. For this reason when it’s time to gaming, I switch to wired mouse on my “PC Master Race”.

Bluetooth is not the ideal for gaming due to signal compression, its stability and other issues.
Since Bluetooth only transmits over one single frequency at a time, if any interference happens, the signal needs to switch to a different frequency. In the time it takes to swap frequencies, you’ll notice dips in performance, lag, or lost inputs.
While this solution is technically passable for work or school, a Bluetooth mouse for gaming or anything else that requires precision and reliability leaves much to be desired.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 use a much more stable 2.4 GHz wireless connection, which feels and performs as reliably as a wired mouse. This is ideal for gaming and other uses where you need the added performance and stability that Bluetooth wireless connection can’t offer.
Based on this technology, Quantum 2.0 Wireless mouses ensure a crystal clear and constant signal despite external interference. The result is an ultra-low latency gaming-grade mouse just like the better cabled ones. Anyway, if you need to simply connect to laptops or other devices you can use it via Bluetooth too, without using any dongle.

Uniquely perforated outer casing and slimmed down electronics are precision engineered to be stunningly lightweight with only 66 grams.
Rated for 80 million of pressures, its next-gen Golden Micro IP54 switches provide flawless clicks even under the most demanding conditions, prevent double clicks, and allow to you make rock solid next-level shots.

Thanks to AquaBarrier Protection, Aerox 3 is engineered to safeguard the interior circuitry from virtually all types of environmental damage. This solution makes it the first ever gaming mouse to receive an IP54 rating, providing water resistance and protection from dust, dirt, oil, fur, and more.