UNDONE x Astro Boy is a charming collector’s watch with two-tone luminescent details

UNDONE x Astro Boy is a charming collector's watch with two-tone luminescent details

UNDONE celebrates Astro Boy’s 70th anniversary with a wonderful new watch packed with unique details. It is one of the most iconic manga characters in Japan, this is the why only the first 300 copies are expected to have a collector’s box consisting of a work of art by Astro Boy and a limited edition white strap, all enclosed in a collectible premium box set packaging.

The watch is equipped with the feature that allows you to keep track of two time zones at a single glance.
To indicate the time of the second city, a unique internal rotating bezel is used instead of a dual time complication. The second time zone can be easily set by turning the crown positioned at 10 o’clock.

Featuring a forged carbon fiber bezel, the watch feels strong yet lightweight while the dark fragmented texture material reflects the advanced composite material the cyborg is made of.

Aesthetically, the UNDONE x Astro Boy offers an exciting color contrast of subtle red and green lines atop a black DLC case.
A unique translucent dial reveals parts of the watch’s movement, mimicking the character’s internal robotics. In the dark, the two-tone lume of the Astro Boy comes to life, with the green lume reflecting his characteristics and the blue lume highlighting all the time reading functions. The dial is finished with a refined grille that mimics the project on which it was designed.