UPLIFT Pursuit Ergonomic: the perfect chair for your pro computer desk setup

UPLIFT Pursuit Ergonomic: the perfect chair for your pro computer desk setup

Your computer workstation chair is a tool whose importance is too often mistakenly underestimated. Indeed, the right kind of chair can make all the difference in your comfort and productivity.
Today there are several gaming chairs on the market that meet these characteristics but their designs are too whimsical and fancy for my taste.
Luckily, the Pursuit Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk with headrest is up to the job of delivering a better support where you need it most with a serious but really modern design.

The seat is made of soft yet durable black or gray fabric and its mesh back provides breathability to keep you cool throughout the day, letting you work in comfort for longer. Waterfall seat decreases pressure behind the legs and improve your circulation. Back angle adjustment with tension control allows you to recline and lock the chair back in 3 different positions, or leave the back unlocked for free movement.
Synchro-tilt mechanism allows for the seat and back angle to adjust automatically and provides ideal support while users change from upright to reclining postures.

Height adaptability via pneumatics makes finding your sitting sweet spot easier than ever. The arms can be raised or lowered by lifting up on the front of the arm pad, moreover these will lock into place once you reach the desired height and release the front of the arm pad. You can also rotate the arm pads toward or away from your body.

Not only a great choice for your sitting comfort but also for your home or office decor.

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