WOWCube Entertainment System is the Rubik’s Cube of the future

WOWCube Entertainment System is the Rubik's Cube of the future

In 1974 the hungarian professor of architecture Ernő Rubik invented the famous Rubik’s Cube puzzle game.
Almost half a century later, CubiOs Inc. reinvented its concept with the innovative WOWCube, much more of a simple game but a real entertainment system.
It’s a one-of-a-kind device in the shape of a cube made of 8 connected cubicle modules that allow you to interact with the digital world like it is a real object. Not only twist the modules, you can also tap its faces, shake or tilt it for a complete control.

The first-in-class innovative console and the gaming platform with immersive-reality user experience, introduces a new dimension of gaming.
Don’t settle for puzzles and enjoy games of all popular genres like arcades, mazes, edutainment, skill or casual.

The real interesting thing about this device is that it wasn’t just made for games.
When you put it back on the table, it goes into the screensaver mode showing widgets or playing the role of ambient decor. It can also display photos, weather, air quality, and so on. Being connected to a Smart Home, it can show the status of its components.
Still through the smartphone, from its application store you can download more app or games and get software updates.

Icing on the cake, anyone can create WOWGames and WOWApps with the company’s SDK and open APIs, offer them in the WOWPlayStore, and make money.
Just like Xcode for iOS, WowCube system SDK includes a software emulator which allows developing software programs without WowCube console itself.