ZenPods Ultralight True Wireless Earbuds with ANC & ENC by Zendure

ZenPods Ultralight True Wireless Earbuds with ANC & ENC by Zendure

If I’m talking about Zendure, the first thing that comes to mind is quality powerbanks. In this case the quality remains the same but it is a different product.
ZenPods are the first true wireless earphones made by Zendure that differ from the competition for ultra light, ergonomic end comfortable design and for the particular two way active noise cancellation.

When it comes to earbuds every gram counts so Zendure designed his ear buds for all-day comfort. Indeed each earbud weighs just 4.2g, 22% lighter than Apple AirPods Pro.

When you sit in a noisy environment, you can be tempting to turn up the volume on your earbuds causing problems with your hearing health.The ZenPods ANC technology (Active Noise Cancellation) can reduce ambient noise by up to 30dB and let you hear just what you want to hear, in a smart way.
Instead, thanks to the ENC technology (Environment Noise Cancellation) the ambient noise from your surroundings is greatly reduced. Traffic or office noise won’t stand between you and your conversation.

ZenPods are a perfect match to immerse yourself into the music. They deliver a deep bass, warm midrange, and crystal-clear treble thanks to a 13mm composite dynamic driver.
Excellent sound quality and extreme lightness, all offered at a very low price. Furthermore, compared to similar high-end products, these obtain an IPX 5 grade water resistance.

If you don’t want to spend a lot but are looking for no compromising quality however and Active Noise Cancellation, this is the right choice for you.